Emma Turns 3

Since I have been styling Emma to look a bit older than what Animesh is able to grow with, for Emma’s third birthday she got a new Toddleedoo body.  There are still a lot of little tweaks to come, as with any new makeover, but it’s allowed for some exciting opportunities for posing and interacting, while Niall remains an infant.


Emma 3rd Birthday_002
Emma turns 3 and Gets a Makeover!


Synnergy Rics Angel Bento Pose_016
Emma’s Birthday Party


Emma and Mommy 5 20 RP FA0063_001
A Little Mommy and Me Time


Emma and Mommy 5 20 EnIIPose Family_002
Stargazing with Mommy


Emma and Mommy 5 20 RP FA0072_002
The End of a Special Day


Although I wish I could have kept Emma as a Zooby, I’m really eager to utilize poses and have more interactive opportunities, and look forward to the day that there is a Zooby Animesh youth.


Pose credits:

Stargazing: EnIIPose Family

Blowing Bubbles: RP FA0063

The End of a Special Day: RP FA0072


Snow Fun!

Bre and Emma had a little snow fun when they predicted a storm warning IRL (that thankfully didn’t happen here).  It’s a lot more fun to play in world and not worry about injuries or sniffles anyway.  🙂

First we played with HopScotch’s Totally Tubular pose set (not all shown).

Snow Day_026

Snow Day_009

Snow Day_014


Then it was time for Mom to try a winter sport that I’ve always wanted to try IRL, but know it’s never going to happen, via Fashiowl Poses’ Snowboard set of poses (not all shown).  I couldn’t resist a pretty snowboarding shot to finish up before Luke arrived.


Snow Day_001 (2)

Snow Day_008

Snow Day_014

Snow Day_020


Luke and I went a little romantic with SamPoses SnowMobiel 3.

SamPoses SnowMobiel 3_003


We finished up the fun with Ardent Poses You Sleigh Me III, which went a little wild, but that’s what snow fun is for, right?


Snow Day_041


After all this fun it’s time to settle in and learn how to match my head and body via BoM.  I feel like a total noob all over again, so thank goodness for the favorites tab to throw on my usual body parts and take a break!  As much as I love my Maitreya body, I admit that I’m consider using one that is fully BoM compatible.  Maybe I’m just tired.  lol 😉

Miamic Park

Bre and Emma at Miamac_011


If you have a Zooby Animesh or Legacy child, there is a really neat hangout that is family friendly.  Your little one can enjoy themself while the adults get a chance to hang out, not to mention it’s a really neat area to spend time at and to take pictures.  Between the time I took my pictures to blog and my actually blogging, the owner and managers have even added some areas, like a beach, for your family to enjoy.


Miamic Park_001

This is a great area for the parents to hang out and on the right side you’ll see the land’s logo.  Sit on the sheep below and take a picture with your little one, and you can have your picture added to their slideshow.  They have allowed objects to be put down on the property temporarily, so you can rez out any care items or even your little one’s toy.  I admit to laughing as I watched Emma crawl around in the grass, although I was focused on taking pics of the location to share, so I’ll need to take pics of her crawling later for her nursery slideshow.  🙂


Miamic Park_004

The playground is one of the cutest areas, in my opinion.  Adult avatars can even use some of the equipment while holding the Animesh baby or you can rez the child and edit into a spot if you’d like a cute picture of them “playing”.


Miamic Park_005

Miamic Park_006

To the left and middle are some pretty areas to linger and there are some items that are Legacy interactive too, from what I was told by one of the main managers that I got to sit and visit with one morning.


Miamic Park_007

In the back left corner is another adorable play area and I admit, I hurried home to make a cute sandbox like theirs for Emma, too.


Miamic Park_008

They have been super awesome about setting up a care station in the back middle of the property.  Since Animesh Zooby items need assigned and things are handled a bit differently, most of these items are for caring for Legacy children, and they have been incredibly generous in stocking it with care furniture.


Miamic Park_009

Lastly is a dedicated picture of the beautiful center of the park.


The park is owned and ran by SL users that are not in America, so times for events run a little different than the usual SLT that most rely on, but it’s open around the clock and you never know when you’ll meet a new friend at Miamic.  Here is the SLurl and please consider joining the group to stay informed of get togethers.  Luke, Emma, and Bre look forward to making more new friends at this neat Zooby friendly park! 😀

Zooby Animesh

Hi there!  I think my health is starting to improve a little and wanted to celebrate with a post about a new aspect I have embraced on SL.


As a lot of SL users know, Animesh is now a real thing in SL.  If you’re unfamiliar with what it really is, I liken it to smoother and more realistic movement.  It’s kind of like MoCap for creatures instead of avatars.  Have you ever noticed with an SL animal sometimes you’ll see it, especially during lag, in each different part of the sequence of movement?  Kind of like seeing how an animated movie is made image by image and then put together like a flip book into a smooth movie of animation?  The way it was explained to me is that each stage (or page, when using the animated movie concept) no longer has to be designed to then morph to the next stage; now they can move in a more natural style.  It’s a heck of a lot more complicated than this, but I’m just trying to get the basic idea across about what a game changer this is for animal and NPC (non playable character) designers.


One such designer that embraced Animesh is Zooby, who is a well known designer for their animals and legacy NPC infants/children.  Although she is not focused on the animals at this time and is only supporting instead of creating more legacy infants, Zooby designed an Animesh NPC baby that is taking part of SL by storm.  Until Linden Labs (LL) updates what is possible with Animesh, these infants will not be able to age, but you can style them to look different ages (just like how a skin or hair style can make your avatar look way younger or older).  New items are being rolled out as often as she and her fellow designers can, with interactive nursery furniture, clothing, hair, skin (now with demos even, thank you!!), and now a toy.  Instead of the concept that some may be familiar with from owning cared-for cats, these babies won’t get sick if you’re unable to interact with them, unable to get online, and they don’t need some special upgrade to make them that way.  You don’t get penalized for incorporating the Zooby Animesh baby into your SLife without frequent interaction.  The awesome part is that if you DO decide to do “cares” for the infant, such as bathing and feeding (there’s a HUD for the needs), you receive a token every 24 hours that you meet all of the child’s needs, and those tokens can be redeemed for a special interactive toy for the baby.  Currently, at 17 tokens you get to redeem for a set of rattles (copy, too, although you rez from the original box instead of drag copying).  The rattles can be shaken, teethed on, etc.  There are other token incentives in the works along with interactive furniture that will be available for purchase (like a high chair).


I was never interested in having an RP of someone as a child for my avatar.  It’s just not something that I’m comfortable with, but that’s me.  When I saw the notice about the Zooby Animesh Baby and then watched the YouTube tutorials (ZoobyVR), I knew I was going to splurge.  As some of you know, there have been RL struggles with adoption and things I’ve gone through, but this NPC pixel baby has been very therapeutic for me – I’m able to interact with and feel those nurturing feelings, fulfilling a part of my desires that I’m unable to do IRL.  So, for me, I picked out my Zooby baby during the grand opening sale and Luke and I have quietly been enjoying interacting with her.  Since Zooby Animesh isn’t a newborn, since LL isn’t able to provide the tools to let Zooby age the child (so she chose a child that looks about 3 months old in most styling available at this time), we decided that in our little SLife that we adopted baby Emma.


Theres a Nap for That

Yep, her mommy tends to buy the nerdiest clothing available.  LOL


For being a set of pixels, she is so adorable and a really fun part of SL for us.  I turned off some of the settings, so she can’t cry or anything unhappy, which means she laughs and babbles often, in the cutest way.  Zooby did an amazing job of not just creating the babies, but in making them customizable and capturing the sweetest little moments with them.



It took me a bit to figure out how to pose us while also using the hold baby animation, so I ended up taking the adoption family portrait in the nursery I made.  After an hour of trying things at a photography location, I figured I’d just get out of the way until I figured things out, so the first portrait isn’t perfect, but they still look so cute!  *grin*


With the Caregiver Pass, Luke can interactive with and handle the “cares” for Emma, so it’s not just me (although as owner I’m the only one that can change the texture on her clothing).  This means that we each get moments that “give us the feels”, as people say.


Daddy and Emma Snuggling
Emma Loves Daddy
Mommy and Emma Sleeping
Mommy and Emma Sleeping
Nighttime Outside Kiss
Nighttime Kiss


(You should see all of the awesome things people are posting on Flickr with the Zooby babies!  Check their page out here if you are interested.)


As you can tell in the last two pics I’ve styled her a bit differently and she looks a bit older now (I’m a bit delayed blogging about this and it took awhile over being shy about sharing this *grin*).  We’ve redeemed our tokens for rattles and are now building for whichever incentive comes next.  In the meantime she’s a little Heartbreaker, as her jeans say, and a “Hold my juice box” kinda toddler.  *laugh*  She all ready has her own nerd flag to fly.  *grin*  (Off topic, but the nighttime shot is my learning how to use LumiPro, which I’ll blog about another day.)


Admittedly I’ve been a bit obsessive with interacting and photographing her instead of my usual adventures in SL (or handling RL), I know it’ll settle back down later.  I figure it’s like the first few months mesh was available *laugh*).  Any which way, she’s kind of therapeutic for me right now and a lot of fun, so I just had to share our new addition, Emma Kincaid.  *smile*


So, if you’ve considered parenthood in SL, but just wasn’t into the Toodledoo or what-have-you type, please check our Zooby’s (SLurl).  Two warnings though, they’re like buying a mesh body so don’t expect cheap and it’s easy to spend your lindens styling them.  And if you want to design a nursery your lindens are going to FLY out of your account.  *laugh*  Note that these are all my own experiences and thoughts, and not affiliated with anyone.  It’s just a big part of my SLife that I thought I’d share in case anyone else is interested.  (Even if you aren’t, just go there and appreciate the incredible work, IMO.  Carrie Tatsu and her other designers have done such an amazing job that it’s just cool to observe the talent, skill, and effort that went into these!)


Wishing you a happy SLife!  – Breana, Luke, and Emma 🙂