Bre’s Contact Page and Constant Details

You have chosen Bre’s contact page.  If you would like to email me directly, my email is, IM or drop me a NC in world, or comment on the post it’s in regards to.  I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.  (Please note that some of the posts were originally blogged on my personal/business site and have been moved to this blog instead, but I’ll note this when applicable.)

Please also note that some items are staple items, so I won’t credit them in each blog post, although I’ll update these whenever there are any makeovers, as of 4/24/20.  These include:

For Bre: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0, a.b – Amalia 25 – BOM LeLu Evo X, Zooby AvLoveMomma Body, West End Shapes – Hazel (modified to my preferences, but a great starting point for working with the head shape), *OAL* Eternal Life Ring, and EarthStones – Contessa glasses. (For most of 2021)

For Luke: LeLutka Skylar Head, Signature Gianni Body, Not Found in Russel Skin (Ruddy tone), [SteinWerk] Alphabeat Glasses, and *OAL* Eternal Life Ring.

Toddler Emma and Baby Niall: Zooby Animesh Baby; Preschooler Emma: Toddleedoo Child Avatar with Toddleedoo mesh head Alice.

I also wanted to link to my friend Derek’s MP and wanted it to stay in one place instead of having to search blog posts to find it.  He also has some handy YouTube tutorials for guys that I’ll add once I have those details to link to for your convenience.