Wrap Me Up in Luna

I was lucky enough to get my gaming pixel hands on the megapack of the Luna outfit by Whimsical Designs and loved the red option so much I decided Bre needed to go explore Luane’s World’s newly redone Le Monde Perdu in Autumn. This set is definitely a head turner for Halloween, especially on the LoveMomma body! I typically dress Bre a little more modestly, but wow, I just couldn’t resist wrapping her up in the saucy red print. *grin* Luna is 99L for each color top, skirt, or stockings (sold separately); giving mix or match options; or a Megapack of 8 varieties in 5 variations for 899L. I love the ability to change the top to solid black while sporting the fun patterns, so sometimes a fatpack/megapack is right up my alley, especially when it’s a themed item, since it’s too easy to wear a themed outfit once and then lose it in the recesses of the inventory instead of having ways to incorporate pieces into more outfits. Plus, there are multiple colors, so you’re not bound to what most consider “Halloween orange”, too.

Bre started the evening exploring near the landing point at the first strand of lights visible, since you know I’m a sucker for lights. *laugh*

I couldn’t resist adding the cute little black cat tattoo on the baby bump and twirling helped Carol G’s tattoo peek out of the sexy skull and crossbones pattern that I just adore in the Luna set.

I wanted to check out the windmill and noticed that this spot framed her really well while my usual Tuty’s Dainty AO had Bre making some adorable poses, so no poseballs or furniture used for this shoot! Just wait for Luke to see this Halloween treat…I mean, baby bump outfits are usually cute, not downright sexy like this and just waiting to be unwrapped!

At nightfall I found my way to a firelit gazebo near a rainy patch of the beach and managed to catch this model-type moment. The fire and LumiPro did a stellar job of showing that this combo is gorgeous from behind, too! Usually I make my laptop wallpaper into the latest cute SL family or couple pic, but I’m going to be admiring this picture for a few days. *grin* I personally love how it all looks from behind, but not in a creepy way. *laugh*

Bre ended the night watching the waves and rain at the sand’s edge. I couldn’t resist taking this last shot that gives a full view of the outfit, but also shows how it wraps around the body so well, even at 7 months along. With a little of the right lighting you get the chance to see the delicate side of this Halloween show stopper. Just be prepared to get some risque IMs – I warned you. *wink*

I look forward to swapping the colors of the pieces around after Halloween and creating some other enticing looks, especially for the Babymoon when Luke gets back from his mission. Hubba hubba. *grin* One of my favorite things about SL is that my alter ego gets to be the less shy and prettier version of the me in my head – I couldn’t have pulled this off so stunningly while pregnant, but thanks to Whimsical Designs and SL, I think Luke will definitely approve of this post and pack!

Giving credit where credit is due:

WD – Whimsical Designs – Luna Megapack, which includes a multi HUD along with the top, the skirt, and the stockings.

Hair: Truth Oasis – Redhead

AO: Tuty’s – Dainty

Location: Luane’s World Le Monde Perdu, Autumn

Tattoo: [CAROL G] Cute Black Cat (belly, 100%)

Settling into the new home

The time before Luke left on his mission seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. They were able to take some of the essentials to the new house, but the agency would have a service deliver their remaining belongings shortly after he left, which was probably good because it would help pass the time without dwelling on Luke being away on a mission without her for the first time.

Definitely smaller, but a neat home with plenty of room for all three children

Bre and Luke discovered a neat area on the property; wooded with a pavilion and Bre couldn’t wait to work on the landscaping and adding more Fall decor. One of the upsides to having a smaller home was a lot of land for everyone to enjoy.

After exploring some of the property the day before, on the last day they took Niall and Emma to the pavilion and Emma couldn’t resist taking advantage of a nearby hay bale that she and her brother had been playing on to feel the baby move. Bre felt like her heart would burst from the love and joy of this beautiful moment of the family together at their new home.

Niall was more interested in his thumb than feeling the baby move, but Emma took full advantage of the moment. It was hard for Emma to believe that Bre’s tummy could be so big!

The night before he left, Luke had a sweet little talk with Baby Bump in the soft light of their sparsely filled bedroom. He hated going on a mission with Bre pregnant, especially knowing how much danger was involved, and leaving them to settle into a new home pretty much on their own, but it was moments like tonight’s that he would carry with him for the next few weeks and he knew they would sustain him when he was worried about his safety. A precious family was waiting back at home for him, so he had to make it back no matter what.

Blog credits:

For Bre, beyond the basics:

Zooby LoveMomma Body 2.3 (paused at 7 months, due to my slow blogging *grin*)


[FLRN DESIGN] – SHIRT MOMMA GIFT SET Pink (the short sleeved in the couple picture)

{bb} (Bluebird Baby) Basics – Mommy Outfit #13 (I used the jeans in this combo with both shirts)

{bb} Basics – Mommy Outfit #12 (the long sleeved top from this combo)

TRUTH Vanish, Paradise

Luke’s credits beyond the basics:

Riot – Billy Bootcut Jeans in Blue 56

L&B Swear Henley Shirt

Vango. Bradley_Browns (MP for store here)

{COLD-ASH} Mens CHELSEA Boots (SingleColor-Dust SUEDE)


Zooby Child AV Sweater Plain Fat Pack

Zooby Child AV Sweatpants Plain Fat Pack

Zooby Child AV Sneaker Solid Fat Pack

Zooby Child Avatar Dallas BOXED


Toddleedoo Hair Amelie V.2 (MP here)

[iK01] Mesh Eyes  – New Beginnings


Bee Designs-Inkme Autumn Song gacha 6 (holding from behind in pink shirt)

**SN~ (Something New) A Daddys Love (edited for posing purposes)

{JPS – The Jellytot Photo Shop} Showing Off The Bump (with prop I added)

Prop: 22769 – Hay Bale with blanket

Just Tell Me

“It was really nice to have a date night tonight, Luke. It’s been a long time since we dressed up and went somewhere nice…It seems like we’ve spent all of our free time with Emma and Niall the past couple of months and forgot to take a little time off together.”

“Bre, it’s been a wonderful night and I hate to ruin how relaxing it has been, especially now, but I have put off talking about this for too long and ran out of time.”

“Um, Luke, you’re making me kind of nervous, making such a serious comment. Quit staring into space and just tell me please!”

Luke moved and pulled his wife into his lap so they could talk. “I know we agreed to stop working at least until this baby is a few months old, but The Agency called and asked me to take on a mission. It’s a big one and they said I’d be a real asset on this one…I told them yes. I know I should have talked it over with you back when they called, and I shouldn’t have given an answer until we talked, but, I just…I guess I felt I couldn’t walk away when he said they really wanted me to come back in for this mission. I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner and for agreeing without talking to you. And I’m sorry I probably ruined our night out…” Luke replied miserably.

“Luke! You didn’t ruin our time together, but what if something happens? That’s why we agreed to take a break and later on decide if we want to go back into the field. How long before you leave? How long do they think the mission will take? If they made you feel like they need you, then it has to be really dangerous!”

Luke looked down at his feet and then back at Bre. “I leave the day after tomorrow. They called three weeks ago and I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you what I had agreed to, but couldn’t find the nerve. It should only be a couple of weeks, but I know you didn’t want me out in the field right now.”

“We are handfasted and married…you shouldn’t have to find the nerve to talk to me about anything! We vowed to face everything together and to always be there for one another. And I wish you hadn’t put it off. Everybody tries to ‘live in the moment and appreciate it’, but we forget to truly appreciate it sometimes. I don’t want any of us to have regrets.”

Luke sighed, looking at the softly lapping water and stars twinkling just beyond the bridge where they sat. “You’re right. I really hate to let you down and have been worried that the stress could hurt the baby, since you’ve had a rough second trimester.”

“It’s okay and we’re okay. I promise. I’m scared about the danger you’re going to be in, but the baby and I will be fine, and the kids were always pretty easy going about us going on missions. I’ll ask Eva to come stay with us while you’re gone and it’ll feel more normal for them with you gone, then. Just don’t avoid talking about things with me please. Our marriage deserves better than that.”

After clearing the lump in his throat Luke replied, “I made them agree to moving us to a permanent safe house. It has two houses, so one for Sylo to live in, since she has lived in a home beside us for so long that I won’t let them separate you two, and then a place for our family. It won’t be as big or nice as our house currently is, but the agent who called back with the new home information said it’s plenty big enough for us, a room for Niall and Emma, plus a separate nursery for this little one. I told them I wouldn’t even consider it without making sure you all were moved somewhere safe, just in case something happens.”

Bre smiled softly at her husband, taking in his earnest expression and the little crease that always appears between his eyebrows when he’s concerned. “It means a lot that you made sure that they’re taking care of us in case of anything. And I’m glad you’ll be with us tomorrow to help start the move. Plus, you get to tell Sis that she’s moving!” Bre laughed. “Eva has grown used to apartment life and wouldn’t bat an eye at being told to move, but Sylo…she’s going to give you hell!” Bre rubbed her rounded belly, wondering what this new chapter in life will hold, and then looked Luke in the eye. “Just try to come home to us. The mansion isn’t what made our place our home. It’s our family that does that.”

Luke sighed in relief and then smiled in wonder at his wife. “I should have handled this better. Thank you for being…you. And I know I said it earlier, but want you to know I mean it. You look beautiful tonight, love.”

I hope you don’t mind that I decided to blog a little scene that formed in my mind when I decided to change my landscape. I haven’t written dialogue for a long time, so please forgive any mistakes there! *grin* I just had this little movie in my mind and when I found Luna te Amo in the Destination Guide…*chef’s kiss* If you like a photogenic place, you MUST check their place out. The group is free to join, which gives you rez rights, too, although they have various seating arrangements in the different areas, which I took advantage of on the non-beach side of the property.

Time for giving credit where credit is due (with SLurls embedded when possible)…

Bre is in:

Whimsical Design’s Isabelle Gown (It’s one of the older designs, but looks great without any clipping even during the third trimester, which I’ve found happening with some LoveMomma clothing from other stores, since the belly is so extended and some AOs cause the mesh to clip in the lower section of the belly during movement then)


TRUTH Vanish – Redhead

a.b – Amalia 25 – BOM LeLu Evo X (eyebrow shaper, eyebrows)

[Glam Affair] Cherry Skin [Lelutka EvoX] Honey (I bought it at Uber, but it should be in store soon)

LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0

Eclat – Ari Choker

AvLoveMomma Persephone Body (7 months along), by Zooby (straight from the NC when landing at Zooby’s:


  • Entrance to the right of Zooby Animesh Babies Store
  • Love Momma persephone – Full pregnancy BOM body
  • Love Aphrodite – BOM body ONLY , does NOT get pregnant”

Luke is in:

L&B (Lapointe & Bastchild) Gage 3PC Tuxedo Premium Edition Oxford Shoes

L&B Edge Business Suit Premium Edition 2.1 Gianni Version

Vango. Bradley Hair, Browns

And last but definitely not least, Luna te Amo!

My Sims 4 Storyline

I admit that I have been cheating on SL with Sims 4 lately. *grin* My youngest stepson was playing the base game via his Xbox game pass and it reignited my love of the Sims. When I was younger I had played Sim City on a console all the way up to The Sims CD Rom games and expansion packs – we’re talking years of game play. Admittedly I seriously suck at the Xbox remote and paid the super cheap cost of the base game to play on my laptop…and then I was hooked again. *laugh* Sims 4 is a huge improvement over the older games, IMO, although it certainly does lack in certain areas, but has so much more variety than the older expansion packs provided. I’m counting down the days for the latest expansion pack, Cottage Living, to come out, which I pre-ordered and have been obsessively watching early-access Simmers play on YouTube while I’ve been on bedrest recovering from my second Covid vaccination (it seriously kicked my butt, but this isn’t the blog I write about all that boring stuff).

The new expansion pack will feature gardening and raising a limited range of livestock in a gorgeous English-inspired town/area. You can do errands for the “townies”, enter garden and food items into the fairs, and shop at stalls in the town center. There is a lot of gameplay options and I cannot wait to see what type of interaction this pack has with some of the other expansion packs, like Seasons. I full on admit to using hardcore cheats; I want to enjoy my gameplay and not actually feel stressed to do tasks. Ever since I started playing Sims on a PC and they had CC items, back in the day, I full on embraced that style. I personally love the same aspects in it that I do in SL, although I like the gameplay and interactions when my friends aren’t available on SL; plus I am enjoying the story I created for my sim family.

An introduction to my own storyline…Bre and Luke Kincaid (call it a crossover instead of a lack of creativity, please lol) were created in Sims as a married couple. I hadn’t started any research on the game yet so I let my stepson take control quite a bit and he knew certain aspects that I didn’t, especially that there is a difference without cheats if you select “woohoo” versus “woohoo for a baby” and I did not pay attention that he was selecting the second option. I honestly thought I had picked personality traits that make them more fertile or maybe they needed to act on their flirting a little less. *facepalm* lol As I juggled aspirations and raising the three boys I started watching YT videos with cheats, Let’s Play storylines, etc., and realized that I needed to watch what he was doing a little closer when I set the laptop on his until he got bored, and that I didn’t need to use that save file but could go back to the previous save file if I didn’t want to follow through with the changes he made. *grin* I learned about expansion packs through the videos and it all went downhill. *laugh* Seasons seriously sucked me in and if you don’t buy any other expansion pack if you visit Sims 4 play, that’s the one I recommend hands down (at least until I get some hours into the new pack that drops on the 22nd).

Anyway, Bre became a stay-at-home mom after being a professional painter while Luke became a tech guru, raising Bastion, Nikolai, and Nate. Nate is a few “years” younger while the other two were one after the other. Bastion is a gamer and painter, but his main focus is as a writer. Nikolai and Nate both followed in their father’s footsteps as tech gurus (I may have had too many computers and VR machines in the house LOL). Bastion is more shy and reserved, Nik is an observer while sporty, and Nate was the Scout and is a massive goofball. (Early on I learned about the money cheat and capped the income, so it wouldn’t matter what I bought or how I decorated, since one of my favorite parts is the decorating.) They grew up on the largest properties available in every expansion pack, since I needed space for all of the goodies I decorate with and a lot of outdoor stuff. Playground equipment, skating rinks, pools/slides, scientific equipment like the observatory…you name it. *grin* As the boys aged naturally via Seasons (I recently turned aging off and do it under CAS manually, because I totally don’t want Luke and Bre to be elders or die while the main storyline is going) I discovered gardening and bee keeping. I used to paint IRL, but totally enjoy having Bre do gardening and bee keeping way more ironically, and after having two daughters nearly back to back, in the time between Bastion becoming a teen to a young adult, I still have Bre working to master the outdoors. She’s moderately skilled with herbalism (outdoor retreat pack), amazing at flower arranging (Seasons), finally able to calm the two bee boxes (Seasons) although they get irrate pretty often since I decided to learn how to improve with that skill by myself instead of any tutorials or videos, with work can evolve some plants up to magnificent with the help of a gardener and Patchy (Seasons – hey, balancing a family and still painting too, so not always out there to water and tend the garden lol), and totally aces at skating and snowboarding, although she needs to work on skiing (snow sports are from Snowy Escape). When she had Lily and Bailey I got the Toddler Stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Backyard Stuff, Vintage Glamour Stuff, and Luxury Party Pack (thankfully there was a huge sale when the last EP dropped and I got these cheap on Amazon as product codes instead of discs). Let me tell you, having a butler that I treat really well was a HUGE help with the kids, especially with toddlers! I am not the most fond of the baby and toddler stages I admit, and hired a nanny almost constantly, because although I love to interact with them, I like to explore gameplay. LOL I expanded with the Fitness Stuff and Cool Kitchen Pack after those, and then was not interested in expanding further until EA released the video for Cottage Living. Bre, Luke, Lily, and Bailey will be moving to Henford-on-Bagley, buying the largest property, and will set up a big garden along with a few cows, a llama, and some chickens. I can’t wait for Bre to enter some produce and pies into the Finchwick Fair (did I mention that she is a level 10 cook even in gourmet meals now? Yeah baby! Note: if you have parties or weddings, it’s seriously worth the Luxury Pack because you can click on tables and just buy prepared food as the party is about to start without the hours of cooking – just don’t forget to actually bake the cake for birthdays and weddings!). I’m not sure if I’ll have Luke continue gaming or if he’s going to retire to farm too. His life aspiration ATM is to have 4 grandchildren. No joke. So I think the quiet home life of a farmer might work for him despite his love of video games (advice: do NOT buy a VR base or clay if you ever want to have your sim be productive – they will always be jacking around with one or the other *laugh*).

Lily and Bailey are close to aging up to teens, although I haven’t decided if I’ll do that before or after the EP drops. Might have them get into the farm life as kids since they’re still A students now and always out playing on outdoor equipment, instead of their phones and such, so it might help get them the home trait if I wait. Plus I need to scope out who the girls can meet for romantic interests. The Get Together EP was such a blessing to help socialize the boys, since Snowy Escape didn’t work all that well for it for me, except with Nate. Via GT, Bastion joined a book club and fell in love with the group leader, Maeka, and I learned what a fiasco a goal wedding is – tip, do NOT click to plan the wedding unless you’re ready to start the wedding NOW *facepalm*. It was a disaster during a massive rainstorm, but it created a unique story and they were happy, so I went ahead and saved. *laugh* Nik met Morgan while tagging along with Bastion out dancing while Bastion was dating Maeka and I liked the challenge of pursuing another NPC instead of creating one. It’s so unpredictable this way, for me at least. I had to actually manually throw a birthday party for Nik when I realized that romance was no longer an option because Morgan had aged up while he was still a month away and their relationship bar was tanking fast, and had him propose that night after he aged up. No wasting time when you’re a matchmaking mother of five. *grin* While on vacation via Snowy Escape, Nate met Kaori while I was playing under Bre and had the family all off enjoying themselves without input. Suddenly he wanted her to come over to study after school (high school) and after playing as him for a bit I realized just how well suited they were. She’s a bit more extreme with fitness than he is, but she likes his goofy personality which is often disliked, and they flirted on their own without any clicks from me. At this point I had just turned aging off (a week before Bre was supposed to become an elder, after I had all ready learned the cheat to edit CAS and drop Luke from an elder to an adult again *laugh*), so I threw him a birthday party and then edited Kaori in CAS to age up as well, and had him propose the night he aged up, as well.

Nik and Morgan were engaged for a while and living together on a small property at the end of our huge property, while Bastion and Maeka moved into an addition I made onto the mansion the family lives in. I couldn’t invite Morgan to join the household because there were too many sims on one land, so they moved out on their own. I can do some cheats when I play as Nik, but can’t override their needs unless I use a mod (I don’t know why, but I’m way better with cheats than installing and using mods *shrug*), so I set them up with all the extras that I could including the luxury pack tables because Morgan is still learning to cook. As soon as there was a child out of the house Bastion had the option to try to become a dad, and since Luke has the family aspirations, I clicked. Fertile couple, let me tell you. *laugh* Both stunk as parents to a baby and full on ignored commands to take care of it when needed, so Bre, the nanny, and butler did most of the cares until I got irritated and aged it up. *grin* The older kids have always been awesome about helping with toddler cares and involvement, and it was no different with the first grandchild, Grayson. Just after Grayson had a birthday (their aging is a bit creepy, since although he’s years younger, he looks the same age as both of Bre’s girls, which is probably why EA decided to pull the romance ability when one ages to a young adult, even if they might be 17 and 18 or something, because there’s no telling the age difference), Nate and Kaori had their wedding. The game glitched out and the goals didn’t fully come up, but I didn’t care (and it opened up another spot for a sim on the family lot, so Maeka got PG again as was her whim). They have their own small place that I built a big basement onto to add a fitness room into and a butler quarters, since I didn’t want to risk problems with having their baby taken away if they were as bad as Bastion and Maeka, because I can’t jump into their household and control them as easily. While Nik and Morgan were eloping at a park after I did a makeover in CAS on Morgan (seriously, that poor rebel needed to look and dress more like an adult finally *laugh*) the game went ahead and had Kaori deliver and name the baby without a notification at all. This multiple households/generations thing is getting complicated, let me tell you. *grin* I jumped into their household to play two sim days, aged up baby Jasmine, and when I returned to the main family Maeka had all ready delivered! They were such bad parents that the bassinet was randomly placed in a room in the basement and the baby was ignored except by the butler! Ugh! I immediately moved the bassinet to their expansion and aged that baby up. *laugh* I’m not sure what happened that my main butler disappeared during the flurry of changes and I have some old lady now…I oddly got attached to my NPC butler. The baby in the basement was probably too much. *teasing wink*

Anyway, I’ve prepped the main home to be taken over by Bastion’s family and am ready to move to HoB next week. *rubbing hands together excitedly* I haven’t pulled up my plants, Patchy, or the bees, since those are part of my favorite gameplay right now and will be a big feature at the new property too – especially since she just grafted a glowfruit and pear tree! I’m really enjoying exploring the new things she can do now that she’s so skilled in gardening. Plus I want to build up as much produce inventory for cooking, since Cottage Living uses what you have in your inventory instead of buying parts needed when you click on what you want to make – we’ll actually have planned grocery purchases and meals! Such a small thing, but hey, I never denied that the small things are what I enjoy the most. *laugh* So I decided with my excitement over Sims 4 and the realization that my interest has gotten stronger instead of waned, I’d start blogging my Sims storyline in addition to SL. It’s a little different version of Bre and Luke, but it’s a fun storyline IMO. In preparation of future posts, here are the main characters to match to the names in the storyline…

Adult Bre and Luke, renewing their vows after a blizzard *laugh*

Bastion, the eldest, with Luke (sorry, I hadn’t planned on blogging, so just have some pics I took with my phone during events and none of Bastion with his own family)

Maeka, Bastion’s wife, with Bre and Luke’s daughter Lily

Bastion with his little brother, Nate, the redhead (yeah, I had to take a pic of Bastion deciding that he likes bartending but it looked more like he liked being an alcoholic, while Nate was like “what the?” lol)

Nate and Kaori’s wedding

Bre feeling very pregnant Kaori’s belly after skiing (I know, I take pics of the weirdest things)

Nikolai and Morgan eloping in the center while only pregnant Maeka pays attention LOL (Nik is the active player in the bottom corner, Nate is in the vest on the left, then Luke, with Bre talking to Luke while dressed in their everday clothing, and Maeka off to the right – Bastion was working)

A really bad picture of Bre and Luke’s daughter Bailey; don’t worry, her hair is in a ponytail and just doesn’t show well lol

First grandchild, Grayson, walking across the dancefloor downstairs and refusing to look up

And lastly – the massive family home overview…

The left side of the house is Bastion’s addition, so I took the pool out when they moved from downstairs, weddings all take place at bottom left where the fountain is, kid and toddler play equipment fill the right middle, and all of the gardening lines the remaining right side along with an unexplainable black smear. But yeah, it’s a three story millionaire’s playground. LOL

Now that I’ve decided to actively blog my Sims storyline I’ll work to get better pictures! I haven’t decided if they’ll have a smaller, traditional-ish home after the move or if it’ll still be massive but with the farming around it because there won’t be a bunch of littles being raised on the property. I still need a big enough area to have big gatherings. All ready have enough family that a party requires one of the kids to then invite the remaining people to join them at the event because I have more friends and family than the party guest allowance. *grin* I think Nik and Morgan may move out to the country too, especially since they’re both homebodies who are massive geeks and regular fitness lovers, instead of the extreme sport loving Kaori, who would hate a quiet countryside I think. Maeka still runs the reading club in town, plus Bastion makes bank at his writing job, on top of his writing novels, so I think they’d be best to remain at the family compound. Both could work from home writing and raising the kids though, so I could move them to HoB too, and have Nate and Kaori take over the family property. So many ways I can make this storyline go…*grin* I’m really glad I decided to share this side journey of gaming with you and hope that you enjoy the journey with me!

Whimsical Designs Gives Us LoveMomma’s Liberty

Just in time for the US holiday, Whimsical Design’s gives us two patriotic options at The Main Event. The first is a cute bikini set, but at five months along, Bre is a little more comfortable in the Tank and Shorts Fatpack. The set has 5 jean shorts and 6 4th of July themed tank tops, available at Corfu Beach.

Luane’s World has redone the amazing sim again and had an amazing spot to feature my perfect outfit while admiring the new landscaping (and getting a few ideas for redoing our own land *smile*). There are gorgeous new beach and wooded areas to explore and even take pictures at. A cute wood cabin on top of the hill overlooking the beach and ocean was absolutely perfect to capture the moment, in my opinion.

(Notice the sweet little bandit nibbling away at his dinner!)

The AO is a little awkward for the pregnant body, but I wanted to show just how cute these look together 🙂

Look at that adorable profile in a landscape I’d love to visit IRL

Some maternity clothing doesn’t look quite as cute to me as the pregnancy progresses, so I’m so tickled by how this set looks awesome even past the halfway mark! I know what outfit Bre will be sporting while kissing Luke while playing with the sparklers again this year (and the HUD offers other colors!). *smile* On behalf of The Kincaid Family and my RL family, I wish you a happy 4th filled with family, fun, and yummy food, even if it’s not a holiday where you are!

The credits:

Whimsical Design Liberty Shorts and Tank Fatpack available at The Main Event at Corfu Beach


LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0

Eclat – Ari Choker


(Please note that Whimsical Designs has a new location!)

FOXCITY. Chill Bento Pose Set (Boxed HUD. #5 when looking down)

Tuty’s Enchanting Beauty AO in other pics

Luane’s World (redone)

A Magical Morning Together

Luke and I decided to explore Luanes Magical World today and found this beautiful little gazebo. With a little windlight magic and a softer clarity, we had a magical moment of our own, celebrating four months along. We couldn’t resist a loving pregnancy pose I had found at Reina’s Photography and been holding onto until her bump really started to show more.

RP pose CP0028

We usually stick to the regular Luanes World sim and explore her landscaping (and maybe copy a few ideas when we’re needing to change things up *grin*), but I highly recommend checking out her Magical World sim. Just remember to use a default or magical type of windlight in order to get to appreciate all of the beautiful details and work that Luane put into the land. There are a ton of little getaways tucked into the trees, down the mystical paths, and behind light beams.

I was lucky enough to get the Abby Top from Whimsical Design’s that I paired with the maxi skirt part of outfit 4 from Bluebird Baby, which was the perfect height of crop to show off that sweet little baby bump for Luke to whisper fairytails of magic to. It’s a smock style type with ruched sleeves and a high-low style crop which I found versatile enough to wear with the maxi skirt but paired really well with jeans too, so I’d definitely recommend checking out this new addition to her LoveMomma line.

I want to keep this short and sweet, since it was such a magical moment that it deserves to stand by itself, so following are the credits (SLurls subject to change of course, but I tried to provide what I could).


RIOT / Billy Bootcut Jeans – Blue56

{SA} Harvey Shoe Tan Leather [MENS]

+FCC+ I Need Sleep Mens (now ZFG store)

Vango. Bradley_Browns


WD (Whimsical Designs): Abby Top Fatpack

{bb} Basics – Mommy Outfit #4 (bluebird baby)


TRUTH Zahlee – Redhead

{RP} CP0028 (reina photography) {Note: store is closed and shop is on MP now, but she has really reasonable pose prices and adorable family-themed ones especially.}

Location: LW Magical World

Whimsical Designs’ Lottie is Bringing Some Sexy to the Pregnant in SL Event

In case you haven’t heard, there’ll be a highly anticipated event for all those RPing pregnancy in SL – Pregnant In SL!

I was lucky enough to get my pixel hands on Whimsical Designs’ Lottie Outfit, which will premiere at the event in singles and in a fatpack. It is “a matching tank and panty set in 14 colors with lacy trim. Fits LoveMomma and LoveBody…Available only at the Pregnant in SL Event…”. I’m all for some comfy clothing, but whoa Momma! Not only is it totally cute for hanging out at home or with your partner, but it can be one hot little number with the right setting!

“I Only Have Eyes for You” or “She’s Every Woman”? I might just go with “Unforgettable” for this theme song. *wink*

Luke had to show a little appreciation for finding his wife daydreaming in this outfit…

“You Are So Beautiful”

I’m not showing pictures of marriage if there isn’t one of those awkward chatting moments. *grin*

And check out the back of those panties! I love the high/low of the tank, but that’s “one hot mama” there!

I had to include one of her sitting pretty without a bed or spouse involved, so you can see just how comfy this outfit also looks. *grin* Boy does it show off the bump stages perfectly too!

I can’t wait for the event and hope this gives a heads up to a few LoveMomma enjoyers out there too! 🙂

Credits with SLurls (remember, the event doesn’t occur for a little over a week, so no SLurl for that):

(Whimsical Designs) WD Lottie Fatpack (SLurl is for their mainstore so you can take a look around and do some pre-event shopping

[HD]multi bento pose HUD beta v.1.41

LumiPro (Lighting aid)

TRUTH / Zahlee (down)

TRUTH Labyrinth – Redhead (bun with side)


RIOT: Billy Bootcut Jeans – Blue56

{SA} Harvey Shoe Tan Leather (Emerald Man – FabFree Car Wash)

L&B Swear Henley Shirt – FatPack

Vango: Bradley

Poses built into Trompe Loeil Kezia Bed and What Next Bedroom Furniture Set Chair, at private location

Quiet Time

With so much going on lately, Bre took a quiet day while Eva had Niall and Emma for the weekend. Between Whimsical Designs’ knee high sports socks and LoveMomma’s (available right there in the store) oversized jersey, yoga and some napping were a must. Usually a sports sock would call for some tennis, rollerskating, or softball, but they made a perfect lounging sock this time!

A little yoga on a mat from Circa

“Might be a baby bump, might be a burrito”

Sporty lounge wear can still be sexy and adorable!

Time for a little nap before Sis brings the kids home…


Zooby/LoveMomma: Jersey Top; baby bump

Whimsical Designs: Sports Socks Knee High Fatpack

Built in poses at private location

Celestial Blue and Meauxle Bureaux

Last night Bre and Luke explored Meauxle Bureaux after spotting it on the Destination Guide. According to the guide: “Meauxle Bureaux is the home of the Linden Department of Public Works, a program focused on improvements related to the experience of living in and visiting the Linden Mainland. This intricate build was lovingly crafted by resident experts for all to enjoy, so come see the ultimate in shared creative spaces!” Since we love our LL log cabin and all of the incredible work that the Linden “moles” have done, we had to go check it out.

This was the perfect opportunity to dress up in Whimsical Design’s Michaela Dress in a celestial blue texture and celebrate the start of Peanut’s third month. The dress will make even the most pregnant woman feel sexy, so if you have the LoveMomma or LoveBody, you should definitely try this out! As the Trace Adkins country song goes, “You’re one hot mama”!

Meauxle Bureaux is a super neat place with a mixture of shops/buildings to represent the different moles, along with fun signs to read (you must read the obelisk outside of Abner Mole’s!) and uplifting landscaping. We wandered around for a bit before we settled into Abner’s Pub while chatting and camming around.

Outside of Abner Mole’s Pub
The whole area is so inviting!
We had it all to ourselves

We then headed back over to Luanes World to explore more of the changes she made to the landscape and found the cutest wagon with built in poses. Most aren’t well suited to a dress, so we are definitely going back in casual clothing and having a romantic little photography session. It’s in the standard area, to the right of the lane when you walk with the lake to your left. (If you like doing photography, I definitely recommend joining her group so that you have rezzing rights – not to mention amazing group gift poses. Just use “secondlife:///app/group/883a26d3-c506-65c7-a759-30eed75f6d26/about” in local chat and you ~should~ have the group profile and join come up for you, if I did that right. *grin* You can easily join the group at the mainstore near the forced landing spot if I did that wrong, too, so easy peasy. Back to the wagon though…

So sweet and romantic!

There’s a cute little cabin right beside the lake that we sat on the porch of as we enjoyed the peacefulness Luane created. We couldn’t resist a little kiss and selfie before leaving, though. *grin*

Something New – Absolute Perfection pose (the store is currently moving, but the old store is still open when I last popped in during a hunt. Luke liked this pose because it showed off the wowzer sideview of cleavage with this dress. *laugh* I promise that the front IS covered though, as you saw in the above pictures.

Before we left I couldn’t resist one last picture to show off the awesome technology of the LoveMomma fitted dresses. Once Bre made it to the third month the baby bump started to show a bit more (oh my goodness, how adorable!). This dress fits the LoveBody and all stages of LoveMomma’s pregnancy, so this went from a regular flat beauty and is gently expanding over the bump without distorting any of the textures (which some legacies probably have painful memories of horribly distorted textures on our old clothing, so how awesome is this?!!). It’s hard to believe that I’ve now been Bre for enough years to have gone from clothing layers that distorted over body parts and into crevices, over to mesh and then fitted mesh, and now to this new rigged mesh that is mind blowing in comparison. So yeah, I totally had to do a close up and show off how far SL has come and it was a great opportunity to show how gorgeous the texture is on this dress. *grin*

Can pixels get much cuter than this baby bump? 😀

Credits with SLurls, plus the store and locations have embedded links in the post too:

Bre is wearing:

WD (Whimsical Designs) Michaela Dress from the Fatpack


TRUTH Unravel – Redhead

Luke is wearing:

Vango. Bradley Browns (MP Link)

Riot – Billy Bootcut Jeans – Blue56

L&B (Lapointe & Bastchild) Swear Henley Shirt

{SA} Harvey Shoe Tan Leather (sorry, I couldn’t find the active SLurl)

Pose from porch is SN~ Absolute Perfection (moving; this is for the old store so you can hop from there hopefully)

Pose for close up of the baby bump/dress is *EP* (Ex-Posed) Jessie 1L Pose (Ex-Posed) No active link that I could find

Bre and Emma’s Shopping Trip

Today Bre started craving some ice cream, so she decided a Mommy and Me trip was in order with Emma. In the matching Whimsical Design’s Mirabel Dress and Ruffle Tank Dress Hope Lace Darks Green by Whimsical Kids for Emma, and the need to feel a little extra feminine with a pretty dress, they had quite an adventure! Since Emma is a bit wild when not in the stroller and Luke had taken Niall on a boys outing with the stroller, Bre carried Emma and kept her out of any unplanned adventures. *laugh*

They say you should never shop on an empty stomach, so their first stop was for some chicken bites and milkshakes, although service was a little slow on taking their order.

Since it was a fully indulgent day, they grabbed a pint from the store and indulged in Bre’s lastest craving for ice cream.

Shopping at Backdrop City

Enjoying some ice cream and cereal

With full bellies the girls hit the road to visit Miamic Park and check out all of the changes. If you have any little ones or would like a really neat place to hang out, I sincerely recommend checking out Miamic (there’s even a post featuring Miamic in previous blog posts). There is an incredibly beautiful spot to snuggle up for a pretty picture, even!

When you’re not enjoying the activities or company, this is a beautiful spot at Miamic!

The girls headed home and decided to hang out for a bit in Trompe Loeil’s Bookworm Hideaway while waiting for the fellas to get home. Nothing like snuggling in a cozy nook with a woodstove after a busy day.

Credits with SLurls:

Whimsical Designs: WD Mirabel Dress Lights & Darks Fatpack

(Using the Zooby shopping HUD): Whimsical Kids: WK Ruffle Tank Dress Hope Lace Darks Green

Zooby: Animesh Ruffle Tank Dress, highchair with chair for parent, and cereal bowl

(Private location and built in poses unless otherwise noted)